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Water Usage Stamp
WUS update 9/8/2017
effective date 6/1/2018!
WUS no longer required after 6/1/2018
Beware of log jams blocking the
Pecatonica River
known log jams;
There is a blockage
1/2 mile south of U.S. 20
McNeil's Damascus Landing
and Wes Block Trail Head
Landing info -   updated     November 11, 2017
Brewster's Landing - concrete boat ramp, could be muddy.
McConnell Bobtown Landing - floating boat dock and kayak launch
has been removed for the winter.
Friendliest  Paddle,  MBL to MDL

McNeil's Damascus Landing
Concrete boat ramp-with floating boat dock
has been removed for the winter, 10-26-17. 

The k
ayak EZ launch
has been removed for the winter, 10-26-17. 

Wes Block Trail Head  -  un-improved with concrete rip/rap on river bank.   
Tutty's Crossing
Concrete boat ramp -
floating boat dock with
kayak launch
has been removed for the winter.
Hancock Marina - concrete boat ramp, could be muddy.
has been removed for winter
Ridott Fishing Park  -  mud river bank.
Atten's Landing  -  mud river bank.   

Freeport Taxi - more shuttle options

Cold Water   Paddle Smart   Fast Water
Paddle Smart
Remember, 120 degrees -
Water Temp PLUS Air Temp
Rent or test paddle a canoe or kayak
Camping & Paddling on our  
Pecatonica River Water Trail click here

  Pretzel City, Freeport,llinois 

But Mrs Mikes Chips are very good also.

If every paddler would teach
4 new people how to paddle every year,
the world would be a better place.

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Concrete Picnic Tables
We installed 6 Concrete Picnic Tables at Atten's Landing this summer.
Thanks to a Grant from the Freeport Community Foundation, Freeport, Illinois.
These are exposed aggregate concrete tables, which weigh over 1100 pounds

and can survive flooding.  These beautiful tables are placed on concrete slabs.

    2 of the 6 Picnic tables
 at Atten's Landing

Welcome to Stephenson County Illinois 
Pecatonica River Water Trail  --- map
home of
Illinois'  Friendliest  Paddle

1/2 mile trip up to 100 miles, with lots of choices in between.
Come to Freeport and enjoy your 1 or 2 week vacation paddling our
15 Water Trails on our Pecatonica River,
resting in our local motels,
 and dining in our 69 local restaurants.
Water Usage Stamp
WUS update 9/8/2017
effective date 6/1/2018!
WUS no longer required after 6/1/2018
WUS New 2015  title and registration rules
for canoes and kayaks.
Canoes, kayaks and paddle boats are no longer required
to be titled and registered in Illinois.
BUT, you need to buy an annual Water Usage Stamp.
Water Usage Stamps                     (WUS)

You do NOT need a Water Usage Stamp if your current registration is still valid.
Your current Water Usage Stamp expires December 31.

Go to Illinois Paddling Council / enter  WUS  in 'search' window for more info.

WUS    Use this link to find vendor locations to
purchase a Water Usage Stamp.

WUS   Use this link, page #2, to type in and print off a form
of required info to buy a WUS.

   Check out The Pecatonica River Depth and Cubic Feet per Second
at Freeport, Illinois 
click here.
Freeport flood stage is       13 feet
Check out The Pecatonica River depth at Martintown, Wi    click here.
Martintown flood stage is       13.5 feet
Check out the Pecatonica River at Shirland, Illinois   click here.
Shirland flood stage is       11 feet
Check out The East Branch of Pecatonica River
depth at Blanchardville, Wi  click here.
Blanchardville flood stage is       12 feet
Trip #1 - 6.2 miles - Brewster Landing to McConnell Bobtown Landing                
Trip #2 - 7.9 miles - McConnell Bobtown Landing to McNeil's Damascus Landing
Friendliest  Paddle
Trip #3 - 8 miles - McNeil's Damascus Landing to Wes Block Trail Head             
Trip #4 - 6.2 miles - Wes Block Trail Head to Tutty's Crossing in Freeport             
Trip #5 - 1/2 mile or 3 mile - Tutty's Crossing to Hancock Ave Boat Ramp or VFW                           
2.8 miles - Tutty's crossing to VFW    more info   pic - VFW boat ramp                        
Trip #6 - 16 miles - Hancock Ave Boat Ramp to Ridott Fishing Park                      
Trip #7 - 7 miles - Ridott Fishing Park to Atten's Landing                                      
Trip #8 - 7 miles - Atten's Landing to Pecatonica Village Park                                

  G0 learn to paddle in a lake;
Lake Le Aqua Na, Lena, IL  map
 Rock Cut State Park , Loves Park, IL  map
or paddle Yellow Creek in Krape Park, Freeport, IL
            The floating boat dock and EZ Dock Kayak Launch
has been removed for the season  10-2-2017.
Go to map for pin-point location.       
This web site is intended to provide information for human powered watercraft.
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